Welcome to the immersive forest 



by Peter M Wyer


“This forest will sing to you”

Every visitor’s experience is unique as they choose a path through the music.


What People Say

iForest trailer 2020

iForests are immersive sound installations that are typically spread across woodland, blending the art of classical composition with the science of immersive sound. 

It’s a simple idea: when we encounter the world’s most beautiful singing voices magically filling the woodland, something profound happens to us; we encounter our own species as a part of the natural world and that world becomes closer to us. 

The goal is to help us see and experience ourselves as part of the natural world, not as separate observers of it. Many visitors have found the experience deeply moving, some have run, danced and skipped through the iForest, many have spoken of feeling a deeper connection to nature which they have carried with them afterwards.

iForest installations have attracted more than 500,000 visitors at locations across the US including New York Botanical Garden, Descanso Gardens, and the Wild Center.

Pete M. Wyer, 2023.


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Julianne Rook, Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles

Emerging from our ‘hibernation’ into this exquisite natural setting, with a chorus of human voices singing to the heavens, it feels like a triumph of the human spirit set in the most glorious cathedral of nature. The installation takes on an entirely new meaning and significance we could never have foreseen when we were planning it with Pete all those months ago.

John P, Los Angeles

I just visited Pete Wyer’s installation at Descanso Gardens and was blown away! The use of sound in partner with nature was stunning, and the vast reach of music was awe-inspiring. I’m so curious to learn some of the technical aspects of the project, primarily the ability to mix and reproduce 72 separate tracks to be played simultaneously.

Melissa, New York

This iForest Installation by composer Pete M. Wyer is pure Spirit. To walk through Nature listening to this choir of Mohawk voices giving thanks for Nature is Awe-inspiring. I carry it with me every day. This work was part of Drums Along the Hudson, an open-air Pow Wow held at Inwood Park in Manhattan.

Lory Diaz, Toronotonicity

Every walk through iForest is personal and unique.

I was captured by the harmonious environment created between man and nature. The intricate layering of voices from The Crossing is accompanied perfectly by the activity of the birds, wind, and rustling leaves.

Jennifer, Los Angeles

We have so been enjoying your interactive concert at Descanso Gardens. It truly adds a whole new dimension to the experience of visiting the gardens. You may want to update your website as the gardens are open and the experience will continue through the summer. 


As I left the iForest, I found myself reluctant to rejoin the civilized world. I had sunk so deeply into the natural world. I found myself noticing small details that I normally overlook in the landscape.