immersive forest installations


Los Angeles 2020

The Sky Beneath Our Feet

The Sky Beneath Our Feet for 72 voices and orchestra over 72 speakers ran at Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles from April to end of September, 2020. A short video from the piece featuring the first of ten movements ‘Artahe’ can be seen here:

A film of The creative process

A Film showing The making of

Manitoga, New York State, 2020

I Walk Towards Myself

The 24 speaker installation ‘I Walk Towards Myself’ was at the Russel Wright Design Center, Manitoga from July to mid October 2020.

An excerpt of the work can be seen here

Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan, 2018

Drums Along the Hudson

In Junes 2018 the iForest was installed at Inwood Hill Park, in ancient woodland in the north of Manhattan as part of the festival, Drums Along the Hudson.

It featured “I Walk Towards Myself” which was originally commissioned by The Wild Center, Tupper Lake and featured a 72 voice choir (The Crossing) singing in the indigenous Mohawk language, inspired the Mohawk Thanksgiving Ceremony.

A film of The creative process

In converstion with Pete M Wyer

The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY

I Walk Towards Myself

In 2015 discussions began with The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY, (the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks) about creating a long-term or permanent iForest in woodland that was not at that time open to the public. The film documents the process of creating a work for 72 individually recorded voices singing in the indigenous language of the area, Mohawk, with their voices distributed across woodland via 24 independent speakers creating a unique audio experience where the listener literally walks through music that moves all around them:

iForest for WNYC, New York, 2016

Song of the Human:

A work for choir with birdsong

The work, commissioned by Brookield Place for WNYC’s New Sounds Live, included a forty minute choral score performed by The Crossing choir from Philadelphia with an immersive soundscape that included the dawn chorus which was broadcast on WNYC and remained in the main atrium as an installation for two weeks. Each voice appeared on a separate speaker, eighteen speakers in all. The work was inspired by the concept of what we share in music, when we abandon words and the connections that we possibly rediscover when we forget about the labels we attach to ourselves and others.

An excerpt from the concert can be heard here